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Event production agency in Houston, TX

Experience is
what we got.

What happens when you put together many of the most passionate and talented people working together as a team to deliver creativity and commitment to the world?

Well, you know the answer to this question, and we know it too.

Brand Experience

LV Branding develops for your business experiential marketing converted into events and BTL activities that incorporate a holistic set of conditions created to influence your customer's feelings. 


Connecting and engaging with the desired audience is a must in today's Brand Experience that helps convert brand awareness to brand loyalty.

LV Branding will guide you in this process:

Digital product design

A successful brand is the result of estate-of-art work. 


Don’t be shy. Show yourself in public! We got your back!


Everything should reflect how is the experience with your brand.

Packaging Design

We design packaging that reflects your brand’s message and identity.


From where is your brand to your consumer’s mind, consistent.

Design Service

A design without a purpose is a waste of money. 

Give your brand experiences that impact the market

Creating, delivering, and receiving unique brand experiences that delight and leave a lasting impression.
When marketing with the power of emotions, there is no room for error.

Don’t waste your time with unqualified suppliers or pay too much for skills that are not required for your project.


Our team comprises experts in their fields, including Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers/Interior Designers, Stylists, PR/Social Media Marketing Specialists, Administrators, and Project Managers who will partner with you to create your best experience.

A curated-communication takes corporate culture to a new level.
Because, more than creating, it is about living and feeling the brand.