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Case Study



Esto es una prueba


Esto es una prueba

Problem Statement 

Orbig Wafer and Coffee needed a strong brand identity and effective marketing assets to establish its presence in the competitive Houston food scene. Lacking a comprehensive online presence, the brand struggled to reach its target audience and convert potential customers. Additionally, without visually captivating assets, it could fail to make a lasting impression and engage customers effectively.


1. Discovery Phase: We conducted in-depth research and analysis to understand the target audience, market trends, and competitors. This will lead to the developing of a strong brand identity and messaging strategy.

2. Creative Concept Development: LV Branding created a fascinating and memorable brand concept that aligns with Orbig Wafer and Coffee's values, personality, and target audience. This concept served as the foundation for all creative assets.

3. Website Development: Designing and developing an intuitive and visually appealing e-commerce website that showcases Orbig Wafer and Coffee's products and provides a seamless user experience, incorporating secure payment integration and customer reviews to build trust.

4. Content Creation: We crafted engaging and persuasive written content that conveyed the brand's story, fantastic selling points, and product descriptions, ensuring consistent messaging across the website and other marketing materials.

5. Audiovisual Production: We planned and executed fun and visually stunning audiovisual content. Capturing high-quality food photography and videography assets that showcase the brand's offerings and utilizing motion graphics and 3D CGI compositing to add excitement and enhance the overall experience.

6. Graphic Design: We designed visually appealing graphics for the food truck, including a striking wrap that stands out on the El Patio. And also, creating an attractive and informative menu design entices customers to explore options.


The project was executed in a phased approach,

starting with the discovery phase and brand concept development. Subsequently, the website development, content creation, audiovisual production, and graphic design were carried out in parallel, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized campaign. Regular, fun, and creative communication and feedback loops were established with the client to ensure their vision was captured throughout the execution process.


  • Stand Out in a Competitive Market: The Houston food scene is highly competitive, requiring the assets to be distinctive and capture the attention of potential customers amidst a crowded landscape.

  • Visual Appeal and Creativity: Creating visually stunning assets, including food photography, videography, motion graphics, and 3D CGI compositing, requires creativity and attention to detail to ensure the campaign stands out.

  • Coordination and Timelines: Coordinating multiple aspects of the project, such as website development, content creation, audiovisual production, and graphic design, required effective project management to meet deadlines and ensure a seamless campaign launch.

Testimonial ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Orbig Wafer & Coffee

Jorge Saavedra

CEO | Founder

Stunning Results

The content successfully established Orbig Wafer and Coffee as a prominent and recognizable brand in Houston. The e-commerce website experienced increased traffic and conversion rates, leading to a substantial boost in online sales. The visually captivating audiovisual production and graphic design assets garnered significant attention on social media platforms, resulting in heightened brand awareness and customer engagement. With its eye-catching wrap design, the food truck attracted long queues of eager customers, leading to increased foot traffic and sales. The cohesive and creative content showcases the brand's unique offerings. If we talk about branding, Orbig Wafer and Coffee is ready to become a beloved and sought-after destination in the Houston food scene. 

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